View Full Version : Ranking and battle points, Camping prevention??

05-13-2012, 09:54 AM
Do you guys think the new ranking system is another way to prevent people from camping?? It seems like funzio keeps adding new additions to the game to prevent camping. The events and this make it so you rank up quicker. What do you guys think?? I actually like attacking and raiding so I don't have a problem with this system either and the events always give me indestructible units so I like them as well. I I have never been awarded that tenth prize yet but I am always at the ninth one!!!

05-13-2012, 11:24 AM
I only get out of my camp during events. Why else would I wanna risk losing millions worth of units in a very short time from pvp if there are no time limits involved? That being said, I choose not to participate in this ranking system unless a new event is coming. I'm still licking my wounds from those last 2 back to back events anyway. I got to 10 only from the event that gave a unit with an additional Valor. From all the other events, I only got the second to last unit, just like you