View Full Version : Few questions/concerns about battle points and new units

05-15-2012, 01:40 AM
My first question is does the amount of battle points not only correlate to your opponents defense, but also to your attack? Meaning if 2 different players, one with a stronger attack and one lesser, attack the same player do they get the same amount of points due to the opponents defense score or does the player with lesser stats get more points since their attack stats are closer to their opponents defense? Example player A attacks player C: player A has 30,000 attack and player C has 30,000 defense. When player A attacks and wins he gets 200 battle points. But if player B with 140,000 attack attacks player C with his 30,000 defense player B only gets 80 points. If this is the case I think the point system favors middling players rather than the strong. With much more middling player in the world there is much more of an opportunity for these players to earn more points in a shorter amount of time.

The only big issue I have with the new units is like many players who have been playing for a while I have basically completed all of the valor missions and there are not many opportunities to get more valor. Especially since funzio went and changed the minimum level higher players can see...again. So, the new units that are available eventually will have to come from many many attacks to get enough valor for a purchase and these attacks may prove to be more costly than anything gained from them. If that is the case then players who have not done a lot of the valor missions will become stronger while the other players who have extinguished their valor on lessor units already will fall behind. I think it is great to add new content to make the game more interesting, but at the end of the day this is a strategy game and I for one have to completely change my strategy because my old one has become obsolete with this update with little or no warning from the developers what these changes would entail. I can no longer replace my losses from existing valor units and need to save up for the new units so late in the game. I feel like I may have jumped the gun with my valor missions and put myself at a huge disadvantage. There was a funny commercial on a few months ago for T.J Maxx where this lady is going down an escalator and there is a sign that says "sale ends yesterday" and she is screaming and crying because she missed it. Well, that is how I feel.