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05-15-2012, 03:00 AM
First of all, I've to state that I'm a free player and I have enjoyed the challenges in Modern War tremendously. This is the best game I've played on an IOS device bar none.

This game is so additive that some times, I even checked in occasionally during a boring business meeting to receive incomes from the money buildings or to open boxes in an event. Even though I've not managed to open any 10th unit item before, I've absolutely no complains as it is just so fun to hope for the unexpected. The only time when I do not play is when I was overseas and having no wifi connections.

I dared not tried the other 2 games, CS & KA as I would not have the time to play them in a meaningful way. Modern War alone had already taken up all my game time.

My girlfriend hate this game though... she had threatened to delete the game from my phone. At one point she resorted to hiding my phone in her underpants when we were having dinner outside 'cos she had no other way to hide my phone. In case anyone have to ask, no, she does no need the vibration mode 'cos I'm more than strong enough... :)

Lastly I have just one small suggestion. You guys should find a way to make the whale zone more fun so that people will be more willing to move up levels.
For e.g., we can have Ultra Cash units that can be unlocked for each unit type, when we reach level 100, and with level 10 unit buildings and their corresponding level 10 advanced buildings. These units should have very good stats (comparable to an expensive gold unit) and but priced at say 12 million each and have very low (x3) casualties. To add on, every complete set of infantry+land+air+sea ultras that were collected will give some form of stat boost to the individual units itself by say a few %.

The aim of the Ultras is to allow the free players some form of fighting chance in the whale zone. If the free players stop playing in the whale zone, I suppose the whales will sooner or later leave the sea as well.

05-15-2012, 04:13 AM
I loled..