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05-15-2012, 08:34 AM
HELP ME! Im not good at write this...So when I dropped by accident old device has broken crack screen, so I went to Apple Store I got replace new iPhone 4 since 2 weeks ago, upgrading from my old broke iPhone 4.
I had a decent army in Modern War on my old device, but would now like to continue the game on my new device. I transferred all my app data from my old phone to the new one (restoring it from my old phone's backup) but when I open up Modern War it acts as if it's a new game. My base is still exactly as I left it on my old phone.

How do I get my game to run on my new device with all my old data in fact?

05-15-2012, 09:03 AM
contact support and give them you gamer id / name... email address is support@funzio.com... maybe use the high alert option and try something like, "URGENT: CJ please help ASAP" in the subject line.