View Full Version : Its so crazy over here!!! Its like a war happend!!!

05-21-2012, 10:31 AM
first off i wanna say my family and i are ok guys! so much for a vaction! Were on our way back to America as we speak! I dont know if you guys know about it or not but a huge earthquake happend over here! Thank God we were in the south part and not in the north or the middle! Its so crazy over here, and everyone is going crazy! I feel really bad for all the people over here and were all praying for them. When the earthquake happen i felt the ground shaking it was so frighting! I ran outside and everybody was yelling earthquake earthquake in italy man i was going crazy. It felt like a atomic bomb fell on us. This all happend yesterday! After that happen i called the airport and booked us a flight back to New York! now were almost done packing and on our way to the airport. Well guys i have to go i will talk to you all once im back in the U.S. Im sure some of you guys heard about it on the news and were worried, but once again thank you all and ill talk to you guys in a couple of days...