View Full Version : Sick of game crashes

05-25-2012, 01:02 AM
hey there crimecity/funzio team,

please do something about the game crashes. my phone is sony ericsson experia neo v.
the game would just crash any time. here are some of the problems that need a fix:

traveling to rival's hood: think i could travel to mars and come back, that would be faster than traveling to a rival's hood :)

wrong buildings showing money: when i travel to a rival's hood, the top corner building shows a money bag icon on it. when i try to loot this building, some other building gets robbed. wrong display of the icon on top corner building.

game crashes: game crashes like hell. specially with your "crate events". earlier the gun safe even used to crash the game and now the rpg event crashes my game. also, visiting a friend's hood who has a 100+ level, would crash the game.

false display of messages: regardless of the real problem, the game says "always" the player is too beat up. if the internet connection on my phone cuts off, even then the game says, "player too beat up". i keep trying to rob buildings and keep getting those false messages. then i check my internet access on my mobile device. i go mad!

last but not the least, why is the gameplay sooo slow? dont think i have a totally crap phone, its a good one. can u use some sort of cache system so that the hoods display faster? please do something about these suggestions.


05-25-2012, 01:59 AM
I hear these and i'm right on board with you. I can't stress it enough that when the progress bar says "robbing" I always hold my breath if it takes more than 2 seconds with the bar full because it may randomly crash.

I just robbed 150k then with another 100k to rob it decided to crash on me <.<'

Crashes are always happening at the most inconvenient times. Maybe if it crashes could we at least have an error code that we can pass onto support? Maybe a diagnostic dump that we can pass onto support??