View Full Version : Player always being to weak to Attack!! GLITCH????

06-09-2012, 03:11 PM
I am having serious problems with a player who is whuppin my A-s. She attacks me repeatedly but when I try to attack her back she is ALWAYS too weak to attk. I understand this the first few minutes after the initial assault. But I may go back 10min later or 10hrs later and she's still too weak to attk. I have even sat there for almost 30min several times hitting the players Icon and not once do I break through to Attk her back. Also she is much weaker than me in both the attk and def categories. I dont understand how she can beat me most of the time and win and be out of energy all the time. She has been at this for over a week. I am almost to the point that I am going to just stop playing and delete the App. Also in the last few days when I logg on my buildings that I have had for months will be torn down and in a state of construction just like a brand new building that I bought. Could this player be doing this to me too. It is quite annoying because I have to shut down and reboot several times before the game starts acting right.
Is anyone else having these kind of problems.
Also with the Rune Box game. I had over 70 rune boxes but could only get 9 of the 10 Gems. I played on the hour every hour. I even set my alarm to wake me every hour so I could play but never got over 9 gems. I guess I have no reason to complain but I feel Funzio should have at least given a special prize for the Rune Boxes that were left over. I mean I worked my butt off for those Boxes only to see them dissapear at the end of the game.

06-09-2012, 05:07 PM
For the always to week to attack and the back to construction bugs:
I never had any of those problems. You should write to support

Menu -> "More" -> "Help" -> "Contact Support"

For the Rune event:
The change to get a Rare Gem from a Rune box becomes harder and harder for each Rare Gems you get. The change to get the 10th. Rare Gems in the Rune box you are opening is under 1% when you are up to 9 Rare Gems.
I have played almost all the box events in both CC and MW and NEVER gotten a 10th. Usually I only get 7 or 8 and only 2 times have a gotten 9. So you are lucky that you got 9.
The 10th unit is very, very powerful so it has to be hard to get.

06-09-2012, 09:15 PM
I didn't read your entire post because it is too long for my attention span, but this happens to me when I have poor service on my phone.

06-10-2012, 11:30 AM
Write to support about the player. They'll take care of her quick if it's a booster/hacker. Additionally, get used to the special event let downs, it's next-to-impossible to get the final 10th item unless you are extremely, extremely lucky. I play all Funzio games like an addict and have only obtained the 10th item in one MW special event. I'm now used to the let-downs and settle for whatever I get like most players.