View Full Version : Reviews on the Run does Kingdom age

06-11-2012, 11:58 AM
I caught this review the other day, from Reviews on the Run. Kind of interesting to see how much they disliked Kingdom Age.

I don't know if they just don't "get it" or maybe they are a lot more objective than we are. Keep in mind these guys review lots of apps.

06-11-2012, 12:09 PM
Wow that review really smashed KA! I have to say the waiting for this game is definitely a + and -. Waiting means I don't have to play it every hour. I upgrade mostly 12/24 buildings..set it and forget. I'm really happy when I got a long upgrade so I got breathing room. But sometimes waiting can be too long.. in MW its ridiculous. This game is more strategy than arcade though.

They gotta make the game more fun and social .. the avatar can be improved, chat, etc. I also wondered why the monsters don't chase you around a bit to be honest ... LOL

06-11-2012, 01:08 PM
Wow that was rough

06-11-2012, 01:54 PM
I'm not impressed by the review. I wonder if they have any experience with similar games.

06-11-2012, 02:01 PM
The upgrades do take too long though. It would take years to get everything to lvl 10.

06-11-2012, 03:05 PM
Yea I agree the upgrade time is junk. Need some work on that funzio!

06-11-2012, 03:26 PM
Need a "reduce building time" boost building. Or some way to have more than one building upgrading at a time. Or at least a way to have multiple kingdoms so you can be building in each of them.