View Full Version : Question for funzio re: Changing casualty rates?

06-19-2012, 08:01 AM
Do you keep changing the numbers/mechanics behind the working of the game? The casualty rate seams to fluctuate every once in a while without any info from you regarding changes.

The reason I have come to this conclusion is this.

A few weeks ago I bought approx. 80 bio warfare troops. I knew about the high casualty rates so I wasn't surprised when they died quite fast. After some died and I had about 50 left I topped them up to 60 and planned to see how long it took them to die.
Here is the weird part, they stopped dying when I had about 54 left and I didn't lose more than one or two over almost a week of regular pvp activity. Then all of a sudden today I lost 9 of them in 10 fights, which is absolutely rediculous!
I cannot imagine why this is, unless the casualty rates are constantly being changed by you at funzio.

Explanation, please! >.<

06-19-2012, 08:16 AM
Unit death rates are being changed all the time, we know this as fact.

I'll say again, if you do not want units to die either reduce allies (tested this over the last week) or stop attacking people.

I was on 100 allies bringing 400 units to battle, I lost one SH in 279 attacks vs people lower OR higher unit count than me, remember, alliance attack and defense number DO NOT MATTER. All of a sudden about 5 days ago I stopped losing high valor units every attack, funzio must have changed something.

As a test today I increased my allies to 500. I've lost over 100 units (both high valor and cash meatshields) in 24 attacks vs someone bringing full allies to battle. If I attack someone with 500 allies but ONLY bringing half their number of units (ie a crap player) I will not lose any units.