View Full Version : CRM suggestion for Funzio

06-21-2012, 03:16 AM
First of all, thank you Funzio for sorting out my IPH prize.

Now to the reason for this post: Funzio has taken a lot of flak over its lack of responses to tickets regarding the IPH event and other problems (for example, I never received - at all - any reply at all to the tickets I submitted on my KA crashes a couple of months ago). As I see it, a lot of player angst and resulting damage to Funzio's customer relations could have reduced (if not totally avoided) quite easily.

I would like to suggest to Funzio that where issues will take time to resolve, some sort of automated "reassurance" e-mail (akin to the receipt of ticket e-mails) should be sent periodically to the effect that work is still in-progress on their tickets (as opposed to the tickets having been cancelled).