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06-27-2012, 10:10 PM
At level 200 you can still gain XP, but eventually (within seconds, maybe up to a minute) it is subtracted from your total. That's not the issue.

The issue is that when I do a job and collect the cash, some of the cash is subtracted from my cash on hand when my XP is updated!

I just finished Bruno Genova, the boss on the Auto Row map, and he payed out ~$41k this time. I had already hit him 8 out of the required 11 times previously, so just now I only had to hit him 3 times for 88 XP per hit.

When the 264 XP was subtracted from my total XP, ~$11k was also subtracted from my cash on hand! I have been noticing this for several days but thought maybe I was seeing things. Giving the game the benefit of the doubt for a change, I decided to just keep making observations to see if this would continue happening. It has, although for a while I really and truly did think I was just imagining it because by the time the XP was resetting to the previous amount, I would already have the bank open and the amount of cash on hand would start dropping too close to when I would touch the deposit button.

This time I decided to just do nothing. I collected the cash and waited until my XP went back to where it was, and sure enough my cash on hand dropped from ~$41k to ~$30k. I know the cash wasn't lost in a fight, in case that argument comes up. The only way that could be a possibility is if the cash did not appear as cash lost in a fight, and if the news story was/is delayed by several hours, as I have not yet lost a fight since this occurred according to my news, and I have not lost cash in a fight for a very long time since I use the bank obsessively.

I'm just guessing as to a potential cause for this, but I think one or both of my +xx% payout from jobs event prizes are not working properly. I don't know if cash is subtracted from the bank as part of this bug or if it applies to only cash on hand, but there is definitely something occurring that should not be.

Has anyone with one or both of those event prizes noticed anything like this? Just as a reminder and for the sake of clarity, the prizes I am referring to are The Pathmaker (+20% better payout from jobs) and the Blackout RPG (+30% better payout from jobs). Since the most recent example I can give is ~$41k payout - ~$11k, it is possible that only the RPG is malfunctioning. However, if one of the items is not working properly I can't dismiss the possibility that both items are affected since the modifier descriptions are exactly the same, save for one being more rewarding than the other.

Sadly, this also causes me to doubt the effectiveness of 3 of my other event prizes: both of the guns that (supposedly) add +100 attack skill, and the car that (supposedly) increases attack from vehicles by 20%.

This is not my happy face. :(

Crime City Mark
06-27-2012, 11:09 PM
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