View Full Version : Anyone Else Lose a Chip From Crashing?

07-02-2012, 11:00 PM
I pressed the "Fair Chance" and watched the loading circle go around and around until my game crashed. I came back into the game and saw my cash still on hand. So, I pressed "Fair Chance" again. It went around twice and pulled up a chip. But, my chip count didn't go up at all.

It's like I won a chip, maybe on the original crash? In the end, the chip didn't count toward my total. It did, however, take the 19,000 cash and reset the timer.

Anyone else lose a chip with a crash or something similar to this?

07-02-2012, 11:09 PM
Not exactly...

I did lose 15 gold to a timer reset when I didn't even realize I touched the screen. In fact, I am 99% sure I didn't touch the screen, but I decided to not try to put either myself or Funzio at fault and just submitted a ticket asking to have the 15 gold returned.

I did get an "extra" attempt, but I'm not intentionally spending my limited amount of Tapjoy gold on this event so I used cash and got a fail. Maybe the "accidental" reset that sucked away 15 gold was someone's attempt to make me spend another 15 on an open.

Well :p to that, if that's what happened.

07-02-2012, 11:40 PM
maybe u dont have see a fail or cash, i never lost one proof.

anyway how many Chip u got man ? lol.. i'm at 25 atm but don't play so much like the old, i sleep lol.. maybe i bought some gold.. what u think !