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Front Runner NL
08-14-2012, 01:33 PM
Somewhat over 50 days ago we had the Income Per Hour (IPH) event and the first Boss event. Although the events were a bit silly, I did understand Funzio’s message: my IPH and Attack were not good enough, I was just an average player. I decided to move up the ladder, and here is how I did/tried that.

Here are my stats and stat progress:

stat -50days now difference daily increase
------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
IPH 142k 308k 166 3,32k
Level 55 78 23 0,46
Allies 90 400 310 6,2
A 3366 30991 26725 552,5
D 4568 28195 22627 454,54

Lessons learned: IPH is the life line of the game. In the past 50 days I achieved on average +3,3k IPH increase per day, by building all cash money buildings (except for nano #2). I could have achieved a lot more by not upgrading the Unlock/Increase/Lower buildings. In my opinion they are not a necessity at level 78 of the game. With my current stats I only get one attack in 3 days and I only lose 1 attack in 7 days. In total I spent (estimate) 15 days of NOT upgrading my money buildings, but upgrading unit/cement buildings instead, a loss of 50k IPH.

Current situation: my IPH growth is slowing down as upgrades get more expensive and take longer. The first 20 days gave an increase of 4k IPH growth per day and now I’m at 3k IPH growth per day.

My IPH mission for next 50 days: focus on upgrade 12/24 hour buildings which give the fastest IPH increase. Tip: Oil Rigs!

Level lessons learned: the first 25 days I promoted 0,7 times per day, mostly because of box events. That was way too much. Penalty is the fact that I cannot kill boss 30 anymore in the level 76-100 bracket, with acceptable gold payments (that is for me: less than 25 [gold] time resets).

Personal Level mission: promotion must be kept below 0.2 times per day to allow a healthy IPH growth and A/D increase.

Advantage of more allies is more strength during Boss events, which means more indestructible units.
Disadvantages: more casualties during raids, harder to find and raid cash cows, and people tend to collect their money buildings more often.

Tip: a smartly placed “Add Me” post gives more invites and allies then getting a VIP status for two hours :)

I have focused on improving my Attack strength (for boss events). I started by buying Snipers, which gave a fast increase in Attack. Because of higher Attack strength, I could raid more cash cows, which meant more income for buying more Snipers and money Buildings. After that, I did all Valor missions and bought the best Valor Units (SH, EAD). That really increased my A/D. To further increase my Attack, I bought 400+ Commando’s.

Unfortunately raiding became a NoNo. When I currently raid someone of my strength minus 20%, I typically will lose one SH/EAD and 2 commando’s. No money is worth losing that kind of units!
My target A/D figures before reaching level 100 is 70k. That should give me roughly 22 Boss kills in Boss events.

The best way forward seems to buy 500+ B-52 bombers (+12500A), 500+ Demolitions (+7500A), gain 200+ AEDs (+8000 A) and gain another 10000A in (boss) events. It seems a long way to go; it will be Christmas by then….

Agent Orange
08-14-2012, 02:02 PM
Did we ever consider that these 'events' were actually attempts to catch cheaters?

08-14-2012, 02:05 PM
Did we ever consider that these 'events' were actually attempts to catch cheaters?

Dammm AO! The boy went thru all that trouble for 50 days and you shut him down first post lol

08-14-2012, 02:16 PM
Good 50 day retro post. Hope you can stick to your goals. It's dead easy to get distracted.
I have no idea why anyone would use events to call out cheaters. There's gotta be more profit getting legal punters to buy gold than catch the few bad apples.

Q Raider
08-14-2012, 02:39 PM
Did we ever consider that these 'events' were actually attempts to catch cheaters?

Was a consideration till they bought out the unit which gave two additional attacks in the box/crate. Figured that the elite events were going to be a continuing theme after this else they have put out an event prize unit which provides no "bonus" within the game......

.......oh......hang on......forgot about the hibernating Assault Bear..

08-14-2012, 02:46 PM
Did we ever consider that these 'events' were actually attempts to catch cheaters?If you mean the IPH and PvP "events", then yes. And I agree that's what they were primarily intended for.

Interesting breakdown FR NL. I would caution against buying too many of any one unit, that's a ticket to high casualties. Where exactly the sweet spot is I'm not certain, yet. My IPH increases slowed recently due to building up unit buildings, but I've squeezed a few in. Overall, sounds like good strategy to me.