View Full Version : Request for future updates please

08-16-2012, 05:06 PM
Hello everyone
Well I read the forums quite bit, but I really never post and I play the game every day so reading here and there I saw that some people would like to see the some of the same updates as I would like to see

Here is the xmas list Funzio team: (Well i hope is before xmas)
1- Default Zoom out at max
Cities are getting bigger and the first thing I always do is zoom out
2- Time frame completes in:
Instead of just using hours can you use for example 48hrs just write 2 days or 168hrs 1 week and
once it hits one day then go down to 24 hrs (for some reason I think 4 days sounds shorter and faster than 96hrs lol
3- Use commas on money
6389069 looks better in $6,389,069 under income per hour and money

Thats it for me feel free to add