View Full Version : Why there won't be new buildings

09-09-2012, 09:50 AM
There have been a few mentions as of late of perhaps new buildings, like the global satellite array, becoming available soon. I think that's highly unlikely. Why would Fun^H^H^H Gree do that?

It's already possible to build an IPH high enough to sustain battle casualties and buy the best cash units (Aircraft Carrier, Stealth Bomber). So new money buildings would only serve to get you cash faster so you can increase your IPH faster, but without really ameliorating your position.

So the only way more money buildings make sense is if there is also something new to purchase, like stronger units. However, stronger cash units would start to challenge the low-end gold units. The free availability of units stronger than gold units should have the effect of angering those who spent gold and effectively support the game. Gree is likely to think twice about that. The only caveat is that they did create valor units stronger than some gold units. So there is already a precedent. But the fact that new buildings have been in the data file for a while already without having been rolled out hints to to their re-thinking it altogether.

This is pure speculation on my part. What do you think?

09-09-2012, 10:21 AM
While i Respect your opinion i have a tendency to disagree.

First Reason being is that the best way to keep players interested in the game is to provide new content. It doesn't have to be money buildings to accomplish that however i think eventually we will see them.

As for the idea that it's already possible to build an IPH high enough to sustain Battle Casualties i think this depends on your play style. Assuming you loose 2 SB every attack and you want to attack only 20 times a day then no i disagree that you can maintain your army with that low number of attacks every day. (and personally i would like to do alot more than 20).

The other reason is that adding new buildings with level requirements might help push the levels of Camping. I know i personally pushed myself to level 60 only because it provided me all of the income buildings. If they make the right level requirements then they will be pushing that many more people into a new level bracket that much closer to the "Whales" and "Sharks" who are the big spenders.

Finally with regards to new units...i would hope they release those as well although i have yet to be convinced. However i think if anything light gold players would be complaining about the Free Indestructible units that players get from events not cash units that can die. (although i love the events and they are what make the game fun i think this should let them realize they can still release better cash units as i also think Supply=Demand. Release Better Cash Units and then Release Better Gold units and low and Behold the gold Spenders are going to buy more units.