View Full Version : Did I miss anything? ............... Feedback request from Gree

Chairman Maw
09-15-2012, 02:05 AM

I recently logged a support call with Gree as I had a new iPhone and lost my game. Anyway, that's all sorted now. I had an email asking for feedback in way of a questionnaire and at the bottom was a text box to give my opinion and thoughts. This is what I wrote;

"Why does it feel like you are out to rip me off Gree? Unless I spend hundreds of pounds/dollars on gold, I wont get anywhere. I have spent considerable money on gold only to discover that the defence buildings I have purchased are no longer giving the stated defence level, so therefore wasting my time, money and effort. Stop being ropey and make the game more enjoyable by rewarding regular players not just those who buy gold. Every time there is an event or scratch card, I know before I even enter, that I'm not going to win anything decent so why bother? I am always proved right too. The game, itself, is enjoyable, on the most part, so not all doom and gloom from me"

Just interested to know if anyone else has a similar opinion or am I well off the mark?


Chairman Maw.