View Full Version : Name that Bike: WINNERS!

Crime City Mark
10-02-2012, 03:44 PM
Send me a PM with your invite code if you are one of the following people:

Midnight Cruiser - Ghost818 (Paid)
Bad Karma - Dr BoneCrusher (Paid)
Road Mistress - Mikecore (Paid)
Ricci Roadster - Babytway (Paid)
Sato's Revenge - LanceSmith (Paid)
Recluse - HenryVIII (Paid)
Mamba Bite - Luciferianism (Paid)
Event Horizon - badvoc0 (Paid)
ScrewDriver - Red Baron (Paid)
Brimstone Burner - Carlos the jackal (Paid)

Please title your PM "Name that Bike Winner"


If you're marked as "paid" and didn't see any gold, let me know so I can verify. If you're not marked as paid I haven't received a PM from you.