View Full Version : I'm not complaining, but....

10-03-2012, 11:27 PM
I recently found a scullcrusher flail in my inventory :D, anybody know where it came from?
Its been a busy week so it might be....

Came top 10 in name the bike event - won 250 gold
Became goodfella status
won 600+ in PvP event
completed survey for prototype rifle
completed TL200

Anybody know for sure?

Like the title said, I'n not complaining, just interested

10-03-2012, 11:29 PM
They had the reward flipped for the 600+ pvp event, they gave the flail to 600+ instead of armor, so they decided they would let 600+ people keep both, and reward top 10 with something mega super ultra über rare.

Enjoy your flail as will I :)

10-03-2012, 11:38 PM

Jian Carlo
10-04-2012, 02:43 AM
Thanks Badvoc, my stats rose and it would have taken me a week to find out why. Congrats to us all