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11-14-2012, 07:39 PM
Just curious. I am a free player currently at level 16. I am on my $400,000 expansion. Do I need many more? I went this far because I didn't want to be over vault, but have since realized no one really attacks at this level. How far do you need to go to build all cash buildings with a decent number of defense buildings? Also, does the lumber mill decrease upgrade costs as well as the intial build cost?
Thank you for any input. Oh, and if anyone wants to add: MittensFluffNStuff 728-863-353 IPH $7931

11-14-2012, 08:00 PM
My next expansion costs 50,000 and I have more then enough room so I think you're good. The lumber mill does reduce upgrade costs as well as build costs.

Dexter Morgan
11-14-2012, 08:06 PM
You are def good on the expansions. My next expansion cost 85,000 and I have more than enough space with all buildings purchased, including defense buildings

11-14-2012, 08:10 PM
thanks guys, I guess I went a little overboard. Are there any buildings that require all water expansions?

Dexter Morgan
11-14-2012, 08:29 PM
Yes. Water temple

11-14-2012, 10:44 PM
you don't have to go further than a $35.000 expension (around 25 tiles)

11-14-2012, 10:57 PM
My next expansion is the $25,000 one. I'm at level 99 with every free building except the brothels, and all of the higher level defense buildings. I got rid of a few unit buildings once I no longer made units with them, and the low level defense buildings too. I ditched my cottages when they became irrelevant as well, about the time I built the BD. Even at level 7 they were annoying. Over 100k A/D now with no reason to expand.

Juggling everything in that tight space was a bit annoying...

11-16-2012, 07:19 AM
I have 32 tiles and everything free fits just fine.

11-16-2012, 08:14 AM
I have 32 tiles and everything free fits just fine.

it's too much : 25 is enough for free players

11-16-2012, 08:25 AM
Just did a quick count and I have about 50 sections. Here is hoping they add more buidings.

11-16-2012, 01:07 PM
28 seems to work well for me... With all free buildings minus colosseum and barracks... Might build 2 more if i get enough free gems for gold mines.