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Nicky the Nose
11-29-2012, 02:16 PM
Isshi 1. First let me say I'm glad iTunes refunded your money. Its to bad Gree support was unable to fix the problem but you where able to get it fixed in the end. And speaking of Gree glad to see you CCM. I noticed you seem busy. So busy you haven't been here (or any other moderator for that matter) to make good on your day light savings time fiasco at Gree but I see you were able to lock 3 threads this month and get the "add me monday" post started this week, congrats. Glad to see when someone post the actual response from support the thread needs locked down you can show up to do it, bravo.

2. Second sorry you and the big gold spenders were attacked by a bot, funny how when the shoe is on the other foot Gree is broken but when it was us casual gold spenders or free players asking for Gree to fix things we were laughed at. Don't get me wrong I think cheaters, hacks, and bots need to be banned but just seem sorta ironic when we asked for the forum and gold spenders to support us we were being stupid and now that the real money players are getting cheated it's the end of the world.

3. Maybe now we can all work together to help Gree see this game is worth saving, and fixing. Gree thats all we are asking fix the broken parts and work to keep it cheat, hacker, bot free and playing honestly for all players.

Ramshutu, started a list I think you can all agree on

1.) Compile a specific list of things we feel need to be changed.
2.) start an online petition, or a thread here that contains a list of people, levels, and spending habits
3.) forward it to Gree/Funzio management
4.) if that has no effect pick a month and try to get us all to stop buying gold for the month

Jian Carlo
11-29-2012, 04:33 PM
Nice one Nicky, you have my vote

Nicky the Nose
11-29-2012, 04:38 PM
Thanks Jian we need al the support we can get