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12-02-2012, 03:07 AM

Relatively newbie here, couple of months in the game, level 26, income +10k, a/d 4k.
Had many questions when I just started, but it has taken me some time to get posting rights on this forum. Meanwhile many questions solved, but a few remaining, such as:

"Traveling to Rival Hood" goes very slow on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. Wifi or 3G doesn't matter. My internet speed is good (ADSL).

Slow means at least 15 seconds.

Anybody else has this? Anything I can do to speed that up?

With my medium attack value I cannot just go around attacking people, I must check the opponents profile beforehand.

(I'm going to use this intro a few more times, and post my questions in separate threads)

sister morphine
12-02-2012, 03:24 AM
Probably depends on server response. I use an iPhone 4s and an iPad. Both can take some time to 'travel' on occasion

12-02-2012, 01:38 PM
Try closing your other apps.

12-02-2012, 02:16 PM
I find this happens if I have visited a friends hood. For some reason if I visit a friends hood first then go to visit a rival it is slow moving to the rival hood and slow in attacking the rival

on IOS

12-02-2012, 02:17 PM
I have started to get this same problem, on my Galaxy S3. It was fine when I started using the android version for a month or so, then couple of weeks back it just randomly got very slow. Not every hood, like 1 in 4 takes something over a minute to load even a small hood with nothing in it.