View Full Version : Hackers of MW & CC - Possible in KA also...

12-25-2012, 12:52 PM
I am sick of seeing hackers win everything, at one time i used to buy gold so much of it and never be on top of the hackers. Glee knows who the hackers are but had never done nothing about it, look at the rainforest leader board its full of hackers yes i am up there as well. I will stop hack once glee does something about it

Do not buy gold as you will not win anything. There are a lot of us out there, super girl known hacker, frosty the snowman known hacker, Private Pirate Jr know hacker, the top 15 factions of PvP event have got 1 or more hacker in them.

Glee ban hackers you greedy dogs. I hate hacking but will do so if you dont banning the hackers

Glee does not ban hackers because it helps them, how?

When none hacker see the stats of hackers or see them on top normal players will spend money on gold to compete but they could never really compete as hacker always gets the better of things.

Glee look into the top 15 Factions and look at the rainforest leader board as you know there are many hackers there. i am in between 1 and 25, find me.

Follow this link to view youtube video on how people hack modern war and crime city



or type in youtube search

Modern war iPod app hack No B.S.

Crime city gold hack [Patched]

Not worth buying gold guys cause of this issues!

12-26-2012, 09:42 AM
That's so weird to me. I essentially compete against myself here. Yeah, I'm a wannabe. I'm a wannabe wannabe, no less. I clean up the bits left by the real players. ;)

It's fun. I'm at the moment furiously doing nothing at all. I have found my original plan to Do Nothing for a couple weeks is going to most likely have to run twice that. These surprises are a learning experience. Otherwise I don't know why I'd bother spending any time, much less the small amount of cash I do, on this game. Especially that latter, lol. I'm way too Scottish to spend Real Money without a lot of consideration. And pain. Heh.