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01-10-2013, 08:10 PM
in the early bp ranks, you earn 5 gold, but then this disappears at the sergeant rank. since you only rank up each tier once, man it would be great to get gold rewards -as they are so far from each other. its like saying "Wow you really raided your butt off these past few months, heres 60/90 gold to get yourself some scratchers, Johnny" (or whatever your name is) - i mean 60 or 90 gold is hardly a major advantage to anyone, i dont see how that could destroy the gold system. it gives people more of a taste of what a somewhat sizable amount of gold can do (hopefully tempting them to buy more)

and why not have a gold producing building? something very small, so that even at upgrade level 10 you are only getting enough in a week to get a few scratchers or something, nothing insane, nothing that can provide any kind of crazy advantage - just a reward for the working man who may not have the money to buy vaults or what have you. would also promote the raiding of these buildings, which would promote more defenses, etc...
now im not talking 200 gold a week, but if over a week you could save 60 gold or so thats pretty cool.

And more sales, please!
but i have to say, i would buy gold alot more frequently if it still bought the same amount of in game units, but it cost 50% less. ok fine 35% less.
Yes, you would see the top whales and sharks swell up even higher; but they are already untouchable.
this seems like it would allow a broader amount of next-to-highest-size people to pull away and form a larger mid tier pool, and possibly draw small buyers into a pool above bottom as well. just thoughts.
to this point, how many times have gold buyers bought just a small purchase just because they need a small amount quickly? could promote impulse buying.

What I would also really like is something to spend small and odd numbered gold on. i have 3 bars of gold ive been carrying around for what seems like forever. theres nothing to spend 3 gold on, i have looked and it doesnt exist to my knowledge. everything is multiples of 5. well except that weird "17 gold for extra ally"

and lastly, it would be nice if the base decorations did something. i see the "triumphal arc" and "maple tree red" -those 2 look so lonely in the "special" tab lol
could they not provide some sort of bonus? does anyone ever buy these?

i realize there are probably a million balancing issues that i havent accounted for in all of this.

01-10-2013, 08:19 PM
and maybe some "gold raider" tiered units, that are cash purchasable, and have high casualty rates, that are required to raid gold producing buildings. so you could raid gold producing buildings, only with gold raiders, and youll more than likely lose that unit in the raid. or something. could be neat.
they would have gold piping on their uniform, or gold lined panels if they are vehicles. something. it would also be nice to win these through normal raiding/attacking of those who have alot of them.

01-10-2013, 08:56 PM
The only way a gold producing building works is if you set the price high enough that your return on investment is infinitesimal. Say, 400G for a building that produces 1G a day. To upgrade it to level 2, payout 2G a day and costs an additional 200G. It's a good investment for players who will be playing a long time, but those are generally the ones willing to drop 600G on a building/unit, anyway.

The business case is tough to justify.

Would it be cool? Yes. Will they do it? No. Plus, it would be easy to hack.