View Full Version : Anyone figure out the best defense building upgrade order in terms of points per hour

01-11-2013, 02:33 PM
I am guessing not. If you're like me you have a ton of Missile Turrets, Gatling Turrets, Machine Gun Turrets, and I recently started building Muay Thais, Sniper Dens, and will soon start on the Surveillance Centers.

I started with the Muay Thais because I had plenty of space, they offer the same (roughly) points per square as the SDs and SCs, but most importantly I could build one ever two hours. Now that I have a mix of the buildings above, all between level 1 and level 3, and don't really care about the money cost for upgrades, I wanted to see which upgrades would be the most effective.

Based on the AIO spreadsheet, these are the first few level upgrades for each of the buildings along with the "effective defense" that comes with each upgrade:

*2) .668 hours for 2.5 = 3.74 points per hour
1.891 hours for 2.5 = 1.32 points per hour

Muay Thai

*1) 1.250 for 9 = 7.2 points per hour
*4) 3.125 for 9 = 2.88 points per hour
7.031 for 9 = 1.28 points per hour

*3) 4 hours for 12.5 = 3.125 points per hour
*6) 7 hours for 12.5 = 1.78 points per hour
12.250 hours for 12.5
21.4 hours for 12.5

*5) 7 hours for 16 = 2.28 points per hour
12.25 hours for 16 = 1.3 points per hour
21.4 for 16 = .747 points per hour


12 hours for 20 = 1.667 points per hour
18 hours for 20 = 1.112 points per hour
27 hours for 20


18 hours for 21 = 1.16 points per hour
27 hours for 21 = .778 points per hour
40.5 hours for 21

So if you have all of these buildings, and the time to start a number of upgrades back to back to back, the best thing to do is get all the MTs up to level 2, then the MGTs up to level 2, then GTs to level 2 MTs to level 3, and then SDs to level 2.

Obviously a longer upgrade makes sense if you'll be asleep for 8 hours or unable to play for a long period of time, but this appears to be the most efficient way to get the most defense as quickly as possible.

01-12-2013, 02:42 PM
See my posts about a year ago.