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01-12-2013, 08:40 AM
First off, do not get confused. My HLP is in VFA and is not switching to this faction. This Is just the faction my LLP is in.

The name is Order of the British Empire. The leader is Smokey Jalapeņo. My LLP is in this faction because I have a friend on the inside, but THIS IS NOT A LLP FACTION! I am the only forum member, so am helping recruit strong members. Smokey's code is 232650192. Add him and comment to his page to be accepted. Currently we have 29/30 strong members, and will kick 2 ghost members soon. We have 25% defense, and 14 % health regen. For WD, we have 15 level ten fortifications, and more being added by the day. The defense leader, PopEv, has a defense of 104,000 boosted. Our daily income is pretty good, and we have a fun, friendly, atmosphere. We did not place top fifty in the last PVP event, but you can change that! We are looking for active players with a balance of IPH, stats, and knowledge. If you have any questions, post here, on Smokey's profile, or PM me. This is not an LLP faction (unless your a strong LLP).