View Full Version : Room in an Established Faction

01-12-2013, 08:40 AM
Are you ready to join a faction with a few good men?
Then join the JIHADIST (No. 501179402)

We have seven (7) opens for honest and productive players. We just ask that you donate regularly and post your activity on our forum.

Here are some of our Bonuses at the moment:
Building Defense: +25%
Guild Member Increase: +6
Fortifications: 3 Forts fully upgraded.
Note: Currently working toward 5% Health Recovery Time.

We are a growing faction and with your assistance we can attain these goals faster.
You ought to know that I do check for member's productivity through forum post and will delete the non-productive members on a weekly basis.

Again join the Jihadist Faction. Faction No: 501179402
Good Luck

Col. Ghadafi