View Full Version : Just double checking....

SuperSonic Chimp
01-19-2013, 08:08 PM
If I am correct, if we lose a battle, we still keep the points we accumulated correct? Someone in my faction bought this up as maybe we're losing WD points because of the losses we incurred? not Too sure since we have only lost 2 wars, but lost over 20k WD points.

I am a cow
01-19-2013, 08:10 PM
ya you keep the points youve won and if your losing wd points then send in a ticket

01-20-2013, 01:19 AM
Gree stealing money from people.

All those paying for gold and having their wd points lost are losing out, whilst gree still keep the money.

Why pay for results to have them taken from you!

Gree you are thiefs!!!!