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01-23-2013, 01:11 PM
36 members(gonna have as many as 16 open slots after we cull the deadwood we had)

Health +9%
Infantry defense +10%
Ground defense +10%
Air defense +5%
Building defense +15%
(There's total before Brazil prize awards. We anticipate the SAM upgrade and the ship defense upgrade)

I'm the top stat guy and was defense leader for my faction in Brazil Battle.. My A/D are up around 95K/95K. We'd Love it if you we're around there too. But you must be

Active player
Post in the forums..communicate with us,your fellow faction players(the in game forum,not here)
Be willing to donate bricks and money to help us build... TEAM player !!
Already have 500 allies
Already have 2000 units ( I would have thought that ANYONE playing the game would have figured this one out..but..)
We do NOT expect you to spend real money on gold, Christ..it's a game after all. But if you do because you want to. Great. We have a few guys who do. I have in the past... But until GREEd gets their $hit together... No more.

We want you to join us, fight hard, post, communicate, and help out !!!!! And have FUN d-mn-t, it's a Game!!

PM me here, and I will dutifully pass your stats on to our leader.. TAHNK YOU.

Angry Mob
01-25-2013, 01:09 AM
What are your requirements? Here is my ID if you want to add me.
Lvl 66
A: 36K/ D: 33K
IPH: 438K
Offerring at least $1mil daily to help increase health regain. This is a game changer to allow members to heal faster.
Most high end factions I viewed have at least 14% or more. That means more attacks and more points.

Angry Mob
01-25-2013, 01:09 AM
Id 947 744 886

08-20-2014, 05:22 PM
Pm sent lol