View Full Version : Strong faction looking for active players - Gold and US player preferred.

01-24-2013, 12:14 PM

We are NOT in the top 10 faction, in fact we didn't make the top 100 but were contenders for a while. Ended up with 3/4 mil WD. This was done by a small but dedicated faction. We won 40 and only lost 7 wars, most of those were on the first day.

We looking for players who are prepared to be very active during events, they must contribute to the faction, have reasonable strength, gold players especially welcome. We also like players who are willing to co-ordinate activity in a US timezone. We have other timezones well covered.

Strength is important but dedication more so. We are however setting a lower limit of 20k atk/def.

The faction is ITC 558 209 279, if you need to talk to me in game , be-friend me 200 035 551.

We never filled our numbers for the sake of it. We've gone for quality players rather than recruiting anyone.

We have good but still modest upgrades. We expect people to contribute but not kill themselves in the process:

Health Regen 14%
Infantry Def 20%
Ground Def 10%
Sea Def 5 %
Building Def 20%

We are a faction that appreciate dedicated players.

Faction ITC 558 209 279

02-19-2013, 10:33 AM
I've only been playing since end of January, around the 20th or so and I'm already level 69 about to complete captain rank. I spent $480 on gold already to help me catch up and have an attack/defense of nearly 15k each already with only 76 allies! I plan on having about 25k attack & defense by the next battle. Im in a faction in which not all members care to participate and the leader doesn't care. I donate about 3-5 mill daily from battles since I'm still building my iph. About 15-20 conc daily. Will post on forum walls and can guarantee max participation and more gold spending. I play religiously. If you want someone who won't let you down add me as an ally and message me if you want to pick me up. My id is 342 609 707. My name is jon and I'm in the us air force. One of my biggest problems with my current faction is they're all in Europe. I can be even more productive during battles when fighting with other players at the same time in the states. Time zone doesn't matter because I play so much.