View Full Version : Mid and Lo Levels Feeling Neglected - Top 200 Faction Wants You

01-27-2013, 08:18 AM
We are a dedicated team of smart and active players who managed a 200ish finish in Brazil and are getting better based on what we learned. We are looking for a "goldilocks" spot in the WD world that is "just right" where we can thrive with our solid strategy and execution and outcompete theoretically stronger teams.

If you are level 25-50, pretty new to the game but jacked about it, play too much, or want to learn from some experienced players check us out. Maybe you are a vet starting a 2d or later player and have camped awhile, but want to play events with the right faction.

Many more details if you are interested, please pm me. We'd love to have you for PvP, but we will wait longer looking for the right people.