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01-28-2013, 03:16 AM
The Zombie Killing Team is looking for another member. We had a top 1,000 finish, and accumulated 472,144WD points. <----points is the information you want to see. We entered the battle with 26 of our 32 slots filled. We were a victim of the ghost players and did not fill the positions in time before BfB began. Of those 26, 8 were removed for lack of participation as soon as the battle was over. We have recruited well and our goal is set to be a top 100 faction next battle. I battled 16-18 hours per day during the battle and had 374 wins. The members on the team are diehard players such as myself.

Our current stats
Health regen +18
Infantry defense +15
Ground defense +5
Air defense +5
Building defense +25
Guild member increase +12

All of our members have been donating hard since BfB ended, and we banked over 600,000,000 and just purchased health regen 4.

Faction I'd 623 541 126