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01-28-2013, 07:51 AM
DO NOT post your info in thread (Simply Post Applied) Send information to Myself, McDoc or SelfProclaimed

We will be adding a Guild Increase Shortly:

Our team placed 13th in the first pvp tournament. With some barely participating in the tournament:
The second time around we did some Organizing and Placed 10th in the last PVP event

We have yet to see the final Leaderboard for the WD Battle for Brazil but we Definately placed in the top 23. We plan to secure our position in the top 25 and would love ACTIVE and Loyal Members who are willing to put in the time to get these great prizes:

Factions bonuses:
Health Bonus: 22%
Infantry Attack 5%
Infantry Defense 20%
Ground Defense: 15%
Air Defense: 20%
Sea Defense 5%
Building Defense 25%
Building Outupt 20%
Guild Members: +28

In addition we have Thousands of Concrete Bricks sitting in Reserve to add to our Bunker of fortifications. (even after the Battle for Brazil)

Besides Raw Stats and Activity Alpha is looking for not only strong Players but players who are willing to put the faction before themselves. We work as a Family Unit and want Alpha to succeed so that we ALL succeed in the long run!

#1 Willing to put the Faction before yourself. (Team Player)
#2 Be apart of the Forums, Obviously This goes with Having Fun too!
#3 Be willing to Attack for Concrete and VERY active during the WD event
#4 Attack and Defense Stats.
#5 IPH.

In addition you would be joining the VFF Family who all Placed very well in the PVP event. This isn't simply a fly by night Faction we are a family.

Think you have what it takes to be apart of Alpha? As a general rule we are looking for players with a minimum 70k Attack and Defense and an IPH of 750k Players who had 50k+ WD points during the first event are encouraged to apply and will be asked about how many points you had. When Applying Make sure to include:

What you want out of a faction:
What you will contribute to Alpha:
Your Attack Stats
Your Defense Stats
Your Income.

If you are in the running with other players we will also ask you for your Skill point Distribution:
Stamina, Attack Points, Defense Points and Energy. "


01-28-2013, 06:58 PM
Inbox Cleared for More Potential Canidates.