View Full Version : Potential blue chip looking for a top 300 faction

01-29-2013, 05:27 AM
My current stats are:

Level: 32
Attack: 15,000
Defence: 11,700
IPH: 290,000

Active daily player who has the ambition to succeed in world domination events and one who doesn't stinge on contributing to achieve global domination goal.

PM me. My Alliance ID is 126 131 852

Big Hog
01-29-2013, 06:22 AM
Seal Team USA
Do You Want To Be A USA Seal ?
Do You Have What It Takes ?
Looking for long term Daily players who are willing to be an active friendly member of our faction. We have a great team and are only looking for other team players. It is a requirement that you donate and post on our forum daily so that we know you are participating. Right now we have 2 open slots. Seal Team USA came in around 300 spot in the world domination battle. Apply now to get one of these spots.

Faction bonuses are:

- Health Regen: +14%
- Infantry Defense +25%
- Ground Defense +15%
- Air Defense +5%
- Sea Defense 10%
- Building Output +5%
- Building Defense: +25%
- Guild Member Increase: +14

Invite Code:

01-31-2013, 08:51 PM
The Gunners, rank #27 in last Battle of Brazil, is looking for more active members. Considering that our faction stopped playing for about 24hr on the second day of BfB due to all the confusions with the program at that time, our members did excellent job to get this achievement.

We have plenty of faction bonuses that are useful in the battle, and we keep adding more in due time. We need more committed players like you to join us.
Feel free to check our faction: 187 039 457, and enjoy the fun, the coordination and the commitment of the whole faction members during any event or battle.
Hope to see you soon..


01-31-2013, 09:34 PM
Join my Faction 110-480-520

Tired of all the larger factions taking member applicants, let you in, then boot you after you donated everything! So I will keep a fair playing field for those who want to be a team and fight for a spot on the board.
I keep track of all donations, members who are inactive will be removed. I currently donate 1 Million a day and all my bricks to the cause. See my specs below. See you on the battlefield.

Faction Name $VIPER$

Infantry Defense 5%
Building Defense 5%
Fortifications Lvl 5
Growing daily

Add Me: 246-281-743
Atk: 12k
Def: 13k
IPH: 290k

02-01-2013, 09:39 AM
check out the silent assassins top 350
looking for active strong members
were a top 350 faction who just got rid of some dead weight after the tournament, we have 3 open spots and looking for strong active players who will donate money and fight during the wars
join the silent assassins 935 918 999
health regen 20%
infantry def 15%
ground def 10%
air def 5%
building def 25%
guild member increase 16

pm me if ur interested