View Full Version : Does your faction feel too much like boot camp?

01-29-2013, 06:24 PM
Faction leader a shadowy unknown whom you've never talked to?
Senior officers the only ones you do talk to?
Faction requires minimum daily cash "donations' just to stay?
Faction demands minimum A/D stats just to join?

But you just remembered that this is a GAME?!?!
Then drop that quasi-military faction and come to one that's fun!


Placed 924th in the Battle for Brazil. This was with one-third of the 24-member faction actively playing, the rest were ghosts or bonus-sluts. We plan on placing MUCH higher in Greenland!

Current Bonuses(upgrades are in the works now):

+10% Health regen
+15% Infantry defense
+10% Ground defense
+10% Air defense
+5% Sea defense
+20 Building defense

No minimum level, no minimum A/D stats, no minimum cash donation. All players donate what they can, when they can. We want you to be battle-ready, not filling our coffers with cash you need.

If this sounds like a faction you can get on board with, PM me, and include your ID#. If you just have questions, PM me. If you want to laugh at our feeble faction, PM me.

What are you waiting for?

Edit: No merger requests, please. Also, we've filled 20/28 slots with active players, so get yours now!

Edit #2: I'm not the faction leader, but I am fully authorized to wheel and deal on his behalf. Now, what will it take for me, to put you, into our faction today?