View Full Version : Aussies required for AUSSIE! Top Australian faction.

01-30-2013, 03:01 AM
This top 1000 faction has been strengthen by the merge of 2 factions Aussie and ANZAC. We are looking for 2 hardworking diggers for the forthcoming offensive. It's is strong and will fight to the death. Various levels, united in one aim. Will consider most levels. your A/D and strength are more important.

30 of 32 slots filled with active players, all active fighters.
Looking for Aussies: 2 slots for diggers
Aussie! faction code xxxxxx is looking for Australian foot soldier to join our faction. Must be dedicated, prepared to be active and contribute. Rewards are a laid back great group of Aussies at various levels.
Health reg +9%, infantry defence +20%,ground defence +10%,air defence +10%, sea defence +5%, building defence +25%, building output +5 %, guild member increase +12%

Best way is to pm me on wall via ally code 288 886 643

01-30-2013, 04:06 AM
Aussie finished364 and ANZAC 3760 ish, ie both did well with some deadwood in both. We are now united and prEparing like anything. come across and bomb up with AUSSIE! Always the in the battles of the willing.