View Full Version : Seeking faction members

01-30-2013, 07:49 AM
Hiya everyone,

Have to say did not do well in the BoB faction war, I had 8 members in my faction but only 2 contributed, that said we still managed to finish 5864th or something to that effect so we got a unit for our efforts.

I have removed all this other members and brought in 2 new members but we want to get stronger and do better in greenland, am not looking for special levels or stats. I am not looking for minimum donation levels all I ask is that you participate, give what you can, battle when the time comes and hopefully we can earn some nice units.

So if you don't have a faction home yet, you are welcome in mine. Highest level member atm is 63.

We do have some bonus bought obviously we can buy more and do better with more people, unfortunately too much time and money has been invested in the faction to making moving elsewhere feesable.

faction code 297894614