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01-30-2013, 05:31 PM
The Real MOFFO's
Hello there if you are reading this than lucky you, You have just been invited by "The Real MOFFO"s".
This faction came in 17th place in Battle for Brazil (BFB) and we are looking for members to join, unfortunately we only have 39/42 spots filled but more spots are arriving due to getting a bonus a week. In order to be in this faction you must be able to donate a fee of $10mil in a 48 hour time period and be able to donate at least 2mil or more a day. If you plan on joining I advise you to be a strong member (High Attack High Defense) since we usually fight the 1-25 top factions. Info about the faction will be posted below.
Invite Code: 514 612 493
Any questions PM including stats and whatever else

Health Regen: +22%
Ground Attack: +5%
Infantry Attack: +10%
Infantry Defense: +25%
Ground Defense: +20%
Air Defense: +15%
Sea Defense: +15%
Building Defense: +25%
Building Output: +15% (Amazing)
Guild Member Increase: +22