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Alliance gatherer
02-01-2013, 02:08 AM
Rox Blasters is looking for 1-2 new players

We are not a heavy gold faction. We ask everyone to donate 500K a day to help keep the upgrades coming and play when able or at least communicate when you can't. We are not nazi's and understand this is a game, but want to do well. We placed in the top 1500 in BFB (loooking for top 1000 n BFG) and have upgrades in +9% health, +15% building defense, +12 guild membership, plus infintry, ground, and air bonuses.

If you don't have at least 10k Alliance Attack/Defense you will be one of the weaker players and get attacked a lot during battles in the order of 200-300 attacks in 5 days.