View Full Version : 200 Level Faction With a Few Openings

02-02-2013, 08:36 AM
Interested in finding the right team before Greenland?

We are a 28 member guild, hope to do a little more culling and upgrading before Greenland. We have and are willing to consider members of varying levels. If you want to be a big fish in a medium pond or are relatively new but want to learn the ropes from a fun, veteran team this could be for you. You are not gonna be the strongest or weakest player on our team, and we want it that way.

Our main requirement is to be active. We need folks that will do 400+ wins per day in PvP and show up at 80% of the battles in WD. We require 5M donations per week, but have a "junior" level status for folks below lvl 30 at 2.5M per week.

We have some creative strategies and have a good time. We finished 228 in Greenland with about 12 members pulling 90% of the weight. We can realistically go top 100 or higher, but none of us are taking out second mortgages doing it.

Please pm me if this sounds like it might be a good fit.