View Full Version : Forum regular Tavarish looking for a top100 (or top50) faction! :D

02-02-2013, 12:41 PM
Hey factions out there!

Firstly, to not seem too foreign, my nick reads "Tavarish" and is Russian for buddy/friend :]

Secondly, as mentioned looking for a T100 WD faction (and preferably also a top50 PvP-event faction)!

Aside from the info in my sig:
- I am a daily player (many times per day).
- Very forum active and knowledgeable in the various game details.
- Have SSD, B-52, SB, & AC unlocked, just need the eco to boom now.
- Got a unit with -30% on upgrades.
- Note: my IPH is from 3h+ buildings only.
- I go all out on events but do nothing otherwise, to slow the advance in level-brackets!
...not much more to add I guess :P