View Full Version : An Honest Faction now Recruiting!!!!

02-02-2013, 02:24 PM
Looking for the donators
the concrete contributor
the one with decent A/D stats
the active/regular player
and most importantly looking for the team player

I want you to Join the Jihadist Faction.

Now for the honesty...
We ranked in the 2,200's this last war
We probably won't be in the top 50 because our A/D stats aren't in the 100k's
There are specific roles I want each individual to fulfill to make sure we are a well organized Faction

We have the following bonuses:
- Health Regeneration: +9% *Working on lvl 3*
- Infantry Defense: +5%
- Ground Defense: +5%
- Building Defense: +25%
- Guild Member Increase: +6

So if you are interested in joining the Jihadist Faction, Reply or Inbox me.