View Full Version : Top 100 Faction Looking for New Members!

02-03-2013, 05:59 AM
Our faction ranked 74th in the Battle for Brazil and we are looking for active players that can carry their weight. We want players with at least 25k attack and defense who can donate at least 2 mil a day. We are an extremely active faction and we all work hard as a team to do well in the events. The most important thing is that we want active and involved members who can work hard during the faction events. So if you can meet these requirements and want to be involved with a great team we would love to have you.
* 371007041*

~~ Our current bonuses are
-health regen +14%
-infantry defense +20%
-ground defense +15%
-air defense +5%
-sea defense +5%
-building defense +20%
-building output +10%
-guild member increase +18
*And more to come

Our team has a lot of fun, and works really hard. Let me know if this offer appeals to you!