View Full Version : ** Seeking high end players for Top Faction on the move, Loaded Bonuses **

02-03-2013, 09:50 AM
We were 85th in the last event and full expect to be top 25 with the new crew we have and bonuses. Check out our stats in my sig.

Looking for Daily active players, who donate, or gold players as well as people who communicate & believe in brotherhood. We are a great group with awesome resources and rapidly on the move, get in while you can.

Pm me

Prefer Level 80 or higher but will make acceptions for big money earners or gold players etc, case by case.

Join the winning team!

02-03-2013, 05:44 PM
Wrong tread

02-03-2013, 05:45 PM
We need forum Moderators! To stop this nonsense..They made a specific Faction related thread and people keep spamming! Is stupid now!

02-03-2013, 08:33 PM
Aww sorry guys don't be jealous though :p See ya on the battlefield

02-03-2013, 08:52 PM
not jelly....u make your faction look bad

02-03-2013, 09:05 PM
This guy is very rude, selfish, unable to take any criticize and think he's better than the rest of us, any faction taking him please be prepared for his $hlt !!!


02-03-2013, 09:10 PM
I know what you need to do to win. That stuff helps, but increase your attack and defense boosts. Forget about fake Gree Groats, and stock up on lots of Fake Gree Gold. Lay down at least 450-500 hits per person during each battle. Have at least 80% of your faction present during battles, and do 65 or more battles, running up 700000 point lead each battle. You'll be top 10!!!!

02-04-2013, 06:38 AM
Well thanks Pirate always appreciate solid advice! I alone had over 4k attacks during the last battle. Revamped the whole faction nuked the dead weight, increased slots and am now just trying to find nothing but daily active players. I'd really hope for 500-1000 attacks out of every member. It's hard to find the gold players, you top guys have done a great job in snatching them all up! :/ But I'm trying!
85th last round, believe we will be top 25 this time, but we shall see.