View Full Version : East Coast Elite is recruiting again!

02-05-2013, 04:56 AM
We are a cohesive, fun faction looking for a few additional members

We achieved top 40 positions in two pvp events, and top 60 in one. In Brazil our position in the published winner's list is #103. We expect this will be revised to a top 100 finish when gree fix 200k lost points.

Bonus levels as follows: Maximum defence building, maximum health regeneration, 15% all defence units, 10% income.

Previous achievements were built on the strengths of a small core group of commited players. We have now expanded by adding 10 players up to 39. All new players have contributed actively since joining and so we are confident of even greater success.

We are looking for individuals who play at least daily but probably much more often, who are above level 100, with minimum 40k attack/defence. We ARE willing to consider applications from exceptional lower level players too.

Most importantly you must be enthusiastic and willing to make an active contribution!

If you are interested, please send me a pm, post a reply here, or send a faction request direct to Faction ID# 444 903 980. We deal with all requests promptly.