View Full Version : Original Black Ops - Top 50 Faction

02-06-2013, 12:20 PM
We were top 50 in Battle for Brazil (with only 38 members) and have been top 50 in all three PVP events. Have grown and are continuing to grow our guild.

Great communication
No minimum daily donations
Laid back and fun atmosphere

Send me a pm with your stats, and a short note on why you're looking for a change.

It's all a dream
02-08-2013, 02:55 AM
I joined this group after the BfB, where my previous faction finished top1000. After the battle the best players got places in higher factions. As did I.
I joined the OBO, which is a top 50 faction. Although I play every day, but with different activity and only play as free player (except a bit of tapjoy) I wasnt sure what to expect.

Its a great group, I felt welcome immediately.
There are some gold players, but they understand that some are not.
We have an active group, much communication, and an outside private forum.
You are still able to play the game you wish, although donations are needed, there is no minimum. Which makes it possible to go for the AMR or something like that.
Players are from everywhere on the globe.

There is the requirement of active participation during PVP and Battle. This is strictly upheld unless you have a good reason, which is communicated.

We are still looking for (strong) members, sent a PM to Saint if interested.