View Full Version : Southeastern Conference (S.E.C) is recruiting 652nd in BFB

02-07-2013, 08:03 AM

I am the faction leader for the Southeastern Faction. It is called that because it started off as SEC football fans but in reality we don't care which team you like or even if you like football at all. We are an active but laid back group that really just enjoy playing.

We finished around 652 in the Brazil event and that was only with 14 active players. For Greenland we expect to do far better since we booted the dead weight. Imagine how well we could do with 28 active players.

Right now we have 23/28 members.

Health Regen bonus @ +14%
Infantry Defense @ +10%
Ground Defense @ +10%
Air Defense @ +10%
Sea Defense @ +5%
Building Defense @ +25%
Guild Increase +8

Like I said, we finished around 652nd place in Brazil. We have plenty of concrete blocks for forts but more is always welcome. We also have a lot of cash ready to buy another bonus.

We are looking for players with a minimum of 30k attack & defense and who can donate daily. Obviously the higher the better. But more importantly we need someone who will actively post in our faction forum and who will be active during the Greenland campaign. We have a pretty good strategy that worked well but requires a player to know what their role is during the fighting and participate.

So if you are interested, here is our faction ID. Just join us and no need to donate anything at all the first day. Introduce yourself in our faction forum and if we click then you stay. I do not boot active players and do not make demands or threats. Very laid back but active faction. So if this sounds like a good fit, check us out. Thanks.


Unlike other factions that make you jump through hoops and interview you as if you were trying to apply to Harvard, you don't need to do that for us. Just use our faction number above and send an invite. DO NOT DONATE anything the first day. Look around and see if our faction is a good fit or not. Then introduce yourself on the faction forum.

I will let you know if you are a good fit or not before you donate anything at all. Then as long as you stay active you will never be booted. Even weaker players that would be willing to do power attacks can be useful but we would also love to have some strong players as well with a 60,000+ attack score.

We are almost certain to finish in the top 1,000 again and so you can join late but get some nice rewards. Hope to see your request soon. Thanks for your time.