View Full Version : INDIVIDUALS Looking For Factions - Post Stats Here (NO Faction Posts Pls!)

02-08-2013, 08:39 PM
If you are an individual or small group looking to JOIN a faction, please post your information here so the various factions with openings may review your credentials and invite you to join. Interested factions should send invites or PM the candidates directly (FACTIONS: Do NOT reply in-thread or post your faction's info -- other individual stat threads quickly died that way).

If you want to find the best faction for you, please post the following:

(1) In-Game name/ID [to expedite the process -- this can be done via PM to preserve anonymity, but may reduce # of offers]
(2) Level & Rank
(3) Boosted & unboosted attack/defense stats [the stats you view are boosted, what others see are your unboosted stats]
(4) Number of Allies
(5) Frequency (or type) of Play (camper, weekly, daily, hourly)
(6) indiv WD wins/points scored
(7) indiv PvP points scored in most recent event
(8) how much can you donate per day? what is your IPH?
(9) why are you leaving your faction?
(10) any other info we should know about you.

FACTIONS: Do NOT reply in thread!

02-08-2013, 09:24 PM
Level 149
Boosted stats: 76.5 k / 74.5 k attack/defense
Play it many times a day
IPH: 1,2M
Left faction a week ago, after being almost completely dismantled