View Full Version : Delta Force Troops (Last minute openings)

Commander Ghost
02-15-2013, 07:36 AM
We are looking for a few last minute soldiers looking for a good faction. We are aiming for top 100. We current have 24 members but a few are not active so will make room for a few good men who will contribute to the cause. No one gets a free ride to gain good units in our faction. We have a great Defense Leader and all of our active members work very hard to gain bonuses. Our original group made top 1000 in Brazil without a Defense Leader and with our faction leader AWOL. We had to start all over and in that little amount of time we are stronger than we were in our old faction.

So if youre interested leave me a reply below that you request to join and i will have my leader open up a spot for you. Remember we only have a few spots that need to be filled.

Heres our stats as of now
Health Regen +9%
Infantry Defense +15%
Ground Defense +10%
Air Defense +9%
Building Defense +10%
Guild Member Increase +4

And we are only a few million away from Building $ Output