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02-16-2013, 02:15 AM
i like this Game, but when i read the Forum and look self on my Game( Iphone), u can find sometime a cheater.
I dont no, maybe i am lazy to report all the hackers and cheaters.But today have one attacked me.
I have 51000A/57000D and he have 41000A/35000D a i have loosed the most Fights.
He have few Buildings and IPH 1049, have many Units, but not the Buildings.But i dont understand,why write the people on the comments: Add me or invite me, when they see, that a hacker is?
Many Ships, Air units, but not the Buildings for this.I have wrote he is a cheater, but no response.
I heve reported him.I hope, that was right from me.
I like this Game and i spended much Money in Gree Games and will have a fun .But when u see often a Hacker, its not so funny for me.I wish me, Gree do more for this.Pleeeeeeese Gree!!!!!
When nothing happen in the future against the Hacker, i must give up the Games.I find not fair.
Thanks and with best Greetings: Acidist

Sorry for my Thread, i know u see it often in the Forum