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02-17-2013, 09:06 AM
All information used can be found on http://www.funzio.com/forum/showthread.php?44568-Boss-Information

This is just a little project I've decided to work on. Going to list the basics that are needed to know to abuse a F2P Account.

Boss Event’s
These are what you need to abuse for the best stats & believe it or not they are completeable without gold if you go for right units.

(Without health Regen/With max health Regen)

Lvl 5-25. Boss 35 has approximately 130k health (10/9k Approx)

Lvl 26-50. Boss 35 has approximately 650k health (50/43k Approx)

Lvl 51-75. Boss 35 has approximately 1.4 million health (108/93k Approx)

Lvl 76-100. Boss 35 has approximately 2.35 million health (181/157k Approx)

Lvl 101-150. Boss 35 has approximately 2.15 million health (165/143k Approx). Yes, this tier is easier than the one below it.

Lvl 151-200. Boss 35 has approximately 19 million in health (1461/1267k Approx).

With a perfect time;
Maximum: 5+2+2+2+2=13 Attacks w/o boosts + 16 minutes spare.
Maximum: 5=2+2+2+2+2=15 Attacks with boosts + 20 minutes spare (impossible to use the last 20minutes).

These are the average unit stats required for boss event's going by my personal opinion.

Level 20-25; 20*5=100allys * 4 = 400 unit's to reach 10k attack. 10,000/400=25 Atk Avg.
Cheapest Unit : Level 7 Elite training; 26/17 for 600k
Recommended Unit : Level 8 Elite training; 38/16 for 1m
Opinion : You should be able to complete 2 or 3 boss event's!

Level 45-50; 45*5=225allys * 4 = 900 unit's to reach 50k attack. 50,000/900=55.5 Atk Avg.

Recommended Unit: Level 10 Elite training; 50/35 for 3m
Opinion: This unit is by far the best for the price, given the rares and completion of the previous events these unit's should allow you to complete the boss event.

Level 70-75; 70*5=350allys * 4 = 1400 unit's to reach 108k attack. 108,000/1400=77.1 Atk Avg.

Opinion: From here on out only the level 10 dry docks unit for 15m has the stats to compete for boss completion. This is where your forced into gold :(

From here unless your willing to spend some gold you cannot complete boss event's without the 15mill unit as being your weakest (excl the previous rewards).

From experience, having half the stats required allowed you to reach lv25 without gold then level 33 with only one health refill.

If you have half the stats required, 200gold should allow completion of every event.

If you do not own two devices, BlueStack will allow you to run apps on your PC :cool: You can play around with a 2nd account or make it a cash cow to help your faction.

If anyone else has a better method than the above feel free, I am doing this for my own camper after all so it'll help me if there's an easier way.

American Capitalist
02-17-2013, 01:09 PM
My BlueStacks account is level 22 with 5k attack. I'm focusing more on economy as of lately to avoid hitting level 25. Once I get an IPH around 200k I'm gonna start buying units.

02-17-2013, 01:56 PM
Best unit for cash is that inf unit personally :P

02-18-2013, 06:54 AM
I just got a new Mac. This is the first I've heard of BlueStack. I downloaded it but when I try to open it I get a warning that says it should not be opened from disk image. It should be placed in apps folder and launched from there. I have attempted to do this and apparently I'm still doing something wrong. Any help is appreciated.

02-18-2013, 10:28 AM
I have a feeling that using BlueStack is against GREE's TOS. Oh well, until they answer my ticket, BlueStack it is :) Thanks SB, for the site.

Edit: My god, this is fast. Compared to my android phone, this program is 1/10th faster than my android.

Edit 2: I just tested it and I can transfer from PC to android and back to PC. Sweet :D

02-18-2013, 12:15 PM
Level 20-26 should allow you to complete 2 or 3 boss event's
I think you can only complete 1 more boss event from 20 to 26.
I started at level 5, first boss event took me to level 10 with 17 bosses beat.
Second boss event I went from level 10 to 19(almost 20) with 35 boss beat.
Right now camped at level 19, waiting for another boss event with the final unit similar to the last one, hopefully after Greenland LOL.
The most you can beat boss in Tier 1 I believe is 2.5.

03-21-2013, 05:59 PM
I'm using bluestacks but how do you zoom in and out ? ? crtl +/- doesn't work